Here are some comments from some Couples in Transition attendees. Learn about us from both Transitioning Partners (TP) and Non-Transitioning Partners (NTP) in their own words…

“Being a partner to someone in transition can be a rollercoaster ride.  Sometimes it is full of fun and excitement, and sometimes it can feel scary and even dangerous.  It can be a lonely time, and it’s so easy to feel lost when everything seems to be all about The Transition.  Being a part of Couples in Transition let me know that I am not alone.  It helped me ride out the rough spots with others, as well as to share the victories and joys.  Being a partner to someone in transition is not for the faint of heart.  If you choose to be there, know that you don’t have to do it alone.  Others will walk this path with you.”
— A.C. from Minneapolis, MN (NTP)

“Finding out that my feelings and experiences during my partner’s transition are shared and ‘normal’ has been huge!  It has not only helped me feel supported, but has helped our relationship stay strong.”
— M.L. from Minneapolis, MN (NTP)

“We drive two hours one way to attend Couples in Transition and it is very much worth our time.  This group has helped our relationship immensely.  Transitioning is extremely difficult, and trying to transition and remain married to the love of your life is not easy either.  When my wife and I attend, we feel surrounded by support and understanding that we have been unable to find anywhere else.  We found that working with a marriage counselor really helped us with the normal day to day items but did not do much for the trans issues.  When we heard about Couples in Transition, we were excited, and after attending, we were not disappointed.  In fact, it exceeded our expectations.  It is hard to understand yourself while transitioning, and it is even more difficult to explain how you feel and what you think to those who are not trans.  When we attend we feel like the others understand what we are going through.  Furthermore, we’re pleased that the other group members have the same goals in mind.  It puts my mind at ease knowing the other couples are very much in love and have every plan to remain together.  If I could pick one thing that amazed me about the group, it would be learning that the feelings my wife and I had are very common with the other members.  Couples in Transition is the only place I found that is tailored to understand the unique issues of being trans and being married.”
— E.C. from Rochester, MN (TP)

“I look forward to Couples in Transition meetings. The people are friendly and welcoming, and often end up making me laugh. It’s also a nice peek into what I should expect in my near future, which helps me feel more prepared for the changes.”
— D.S. from St. Paul, MN (NTP)

“Possibly the best thing about the meetings is to appreciate how far we’ve come as a couple.  It’s also valuable to share common experiences.  Transition never really ends, and neither do loving relationships.”
— R.R. from Minneapolis, MN (TP)

“We joined the group before I knew I was going to transition and we are now in process. Every couple is unique and has unique challenges but every transition has similarities too. The insights we gain at each meeting are ‘custom fit’ for our situation, the challenge we are facing in our relationship, or the transition hurdle we are up against. We are confident the tips we have learned from the group have helped us avoid many pitfalls and will certainly help us navigate this rarely traveled, barely discernible path we find ourselves on. The friendships we have formed in the short time we’ve been attending the group are rewarding and supportive and the diversity of the group is amazing. Young and old, conservative and liberal, various religious beliefs and partner combinations come together with one common goal, to stay together as a couple and help others do the same. Attending this group is the best component of our transition support system.”
— K.M. from Rochester, MN (TP)