Couples in Transition was created in May of 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My husband and I had been married over a decade, and he had decided to transition from male to female.

Despite having a very strong relationship, the stress of the transition felt very difficult at times, occasionally even feeling like a threat to the relationship itself. Neither of us wanted that, so we looked for support.

Unfortunately we found nothing for couples. My spouse had individual, transition-oriented resources, but they had no offerings specifically for the non-transitioning partner, or for couples. At best we might be able to find a therapist that was transition-aware.  But even then, insurance coverage was limited.

Eventually we connected with another couple who had been through a transition. As I talked with another non-transitioning partner I came to realize how common my feelings were. I didn’t feel so alone, and it really helped.

We started having meetings for Couples in Transition in our living room. Our peer support group model worked well, and our flagship group quickly grew in size. Our Sept 2015 meeting hosted 10 couples, and we ended 2015 with 18 couples on our roster.

In July of 2018 we made the decision to end our Couples in Transition live meetings in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The primary reason was low attendance.

We were honored to have been able to share support and the transition journey with 48 other couples over the years. Our hope is to evolve this web site in late 2018 to provide further resources for couples experiencing a gender transition.