Intake Page

This page is for couples who would like to attend our Couples in Transition (CiT) meetings.

Please connect with us first through one of the Contact Forms at the bottom of one of our other pages (like this one). We’ll respond soon and may direct you after that to complete this form.

Here is a guide to our Intake Process, which helps to ensure that…

  • You get your questions answered about our group
  • You get to talk with another couple who attends the group
  • Our new members have a consistent process for coming into the group
  • Existing members have a sense of security about new members

Our intake process consists of two simple parts:

  1. You and your partner look over the pages listed on our Before Attending page. This is to ensure that you both know some of the very basics about CiT. You should both agree to give the group a try before proceeding.
  2. Then just complete the form below and click the “Submit” button.

Once we receive your information, you’ll get an email back with a date and time for your intake.

The intake itself is very low-key. We’ll spend 5 minutes or so ensuring that you understand the basics about CiT. Then we’ll answer questions that you may have. If you decide to give us a try, we’ll tell you more about our meeting location, dates and times. The whole thing usually takes about 20 minutes.

Thanks again for your interest! We are looking forward to talking with you soon.

Note: We ask for first and last name, phone number, and email address only for our group contact list. Couples in Transition will never share or use your information for anything unrelated to our group. The form below asks for contact info for the Transitioner first, and for the Partner afterwards.