This Frequently Asked Questions page is intended to answer some common queries about Couples in Transition meetings.

Q1)  Should we do this instead of couples counseling?
A1)  No! If you have access to transition-aware professional therapy, we strongly encourage you to use those resources also. Ideally, we recommend both therapy and our group. See our Resources page for some options, or search online for “trans aware professionals” or “LGBT GBLT therapists“.

Q2)  How often are the meetings?
A2)  Our flagship group meets every other week.

Q3)  Why must both partners attend each meeting?
A3)  Because our discussions focus on the relationship first, it’s important for both of you to be present. Each partner needs to hear what the other shares. It also greatly helps for both to hear the same feedback from others.

Q4)  How large is the group?
A4)  We typically have 4 to 8 couples attend each meeting. We will likely split into two smaller groups when there is high attendance, as our target size is 4 to 5 couples per group.

Q5)  Can one of us just visit a meeting to evaluate the group?
A5)  No, see Q2 above. It’s important that you both participate together from the beginning.

Q6)  Should I bring anything?
A6)  Feel free to bring a snack, treat, and/or (non-alcoholic) beverage for yourself or to share with others.

Q7)  What if we know someone else in the group?
A7)  The good news is that you’re on equal footing, knowing that you’re both there for the same reason.  Our written group guidelines address the confidentiality incumbent upon all who attend.  Work with a group moderator if you have further questions or concerns.

Q8)  It doesn’t look like we will stay together through this transition. Is this group for us?
A8)  Unfortunately not. Our framework relies on both partners being willing to work through the challenges together. Couples lacking a long-term commitment to the relationship can be better served by conventional therapy options.

Q9)  What if we’re unsure about our relationship, are really struggling, but really want to get through this together?
A9)   Please come to our meetings. It’s our hope that we can help you navigate this tough time and stay together long-term. We find that most couples with a strong core relationship can make it through this.

Q10)  I don’t see where the meeting actually takes place — how can we attend?
A10)  Use the form below to connect with us, and a group moderator will be in touch. Please also review the Before Attending page.

Q11)  Will there be people like us there?
A11)  Our group includes couples in their 20s, in their 70s, and in between, and in all gender and transitioning combinations (really!). Attendance at each meeting varies, of course.

Q12)  Is there anything other than the group meetings?
A12)  Couples in Transition attendees use our member list to stay in touch between meetings. We have a private Facebook group as well. We also support group members in coordinating activities during the weeks between our meetings (examples: seeing a play, going to Valleyfair, family picnic, kayaking, etc).

Q13)  What if there are more than two people in our primary relationship?
A13)  Please pardon the word “Couple” in our group name. We welcome polyamorous partners who otherwise meet our guidelines.

Q14)  Who is your media contact?
A14)  Please fill out the contact form below, and one of our group founders will get back to you.

Have a question not shown above? Use the form below to ask us, or to get in touch.